The furnace inside your home produces heat and air that keeps you comfortable regardless of outside temperatures. This product needs proper TLC to provide you with these comforts, however. You should always call a heating and air tech to maintain and repair your furnace, but if you want clean air for your home, it is important that you change the filters on the furnace even before service calls are made.

Change Frequency: What You Should Know

Changing the filter is something that you should do once every 30 days in most cases, although some filters provide up to 90-days of use. This all varies according to the type that you are using. Take the time to research and learn more rather than make a blind purchase. When buying a filter of the furnace, keep this information in mind as you make the purchase. It is also important to keep a close eye on the furnace and the filter. If it is dirty, it is time for a change, regardless of the length of time it’s been used!

Signs it’s Time to Change

When the filter is dirty, it prevents air from flowing out as it should. Not only does this cause damage to the furnace itself, it also causes inadequate temperatures in your home. Most homeowners can easily detect when the filter is dirty based on these two results alone, although there’s many other signs that indicate that it is time to make a replacement. Those signs include:

·    Hotter or cooler temperatures inside the home

·    Some rooms are not being cooled/heated

·    Strange noises coming from the unit

·    Stuffy inside the house

Your Air Quality

It’s also important that the filters are changed regularly because it affects the air quality inside the home. Although everyone is impacted by air quality, elderly people and children are greatly impacted, making it even more important the filters are changed as they should be.

Air particles are sorted out of the home when the filter circulates air through the home. When the filter doesn’t work like it should, it causes distribution of these particles throughout the home, which in turn causes breathing troubles and other issues with the health.

Important Information

clean air for your home

Although technicians can change the air filter during routine inspections and maintenance checks, it is important that you understand that you might need to change them in-between these visits. It is simple to change it out and requires no skills or tools in most cases. If you need a professional to make the replacement, rest assured that someone is just one phone call away and ready to help.

There are many different brands, sizes, and styles of filters for the furnace, so be sure to compare the options and know what you want in this product. You can use reviews to help you choose the best of the best and save time and headache in the process. There’s no cost and it certainly makes a tremendous difference in the purchase and your satisfaction.